Writing With Intention: Evoking Your Will Onto Paper

I want to start by saying Alan Moore is a huge reason I am writing about this topic. He is famous for his comics like Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and The Killing Joke. His work never shies away from the shadow which is why I think he has such a loyal fanbase. His ideas on magic have a great influence on me as well. Believe it or not Moore is a magician. Moore believes that art, consciousness, language, and magic are all the same phenomena experienced in different ways. I personally believe magic is a phenomena that is born from the synergy of consciousness, art, and language. Magic is the form and they are its expressions. It’s like looking at the same image through different lenses, and his abstraction makes much more sense. Magic cannot be experienced directly, but rather its only experienced through its relations to the world around it. Anytime we express our spirit we are expressing magic itself.

Could it be that easy though? You just have to focus on good energies and speak your intentions into the air to manifest your will upon others? Can you really send good vibes? Actually yes, and there is evidence that you can manifest magic upon yourself as well. Think of them as wards you place upon yourself to give yourself strength. Whether these wards draw energy from life itself or if it is the source of life I don’t know. I’m not sure anyone understands if this is simply a placebo effect or not. Next time you are planning for an interview, preparing for an exam, or helping someone with their homework speak your intentions out loud. In private if you have to. Keep filling yourself up with purpose.

I feel like I’m digressing though. Whether the effect is placebo or there is a higher power enacting upon us the truth is these rituals work. I personally think that the brain has a higher chance of retaining an idea if it is spoken out loud because the sound must be processed through the ears. How do I know if something is real if I can’t experience it, and furthermore how can I experience an idea unless I first create its phenomenon.

Can we speak a moment about words? Pneuma is the Greek word for “breath of life”, “spirit”, and “soul”. The concept of breath is very important in ancient texts. The upanishads discuss in detail the practice of pranayama. It is used in between asanas to join the body, mind, and soul. Is it any wonder both meditation and physical yoga both focus on breathing? You are focusing on your spiritual essence. Without physical air the spirit cannot exist because they are one in the same. You must speak your intentions in open air in order to manifest them! Voila! Magic! Just thinking about your intentions do not satisfy.

So how does one write with intention and what does that even mean? It means that you should write like you talk, and you should talk in the open air. Use the sacred spoken word to your advantage. Stare into the mirror every morning and let your words fly out of your mouth, bounce against the walls of your surroundings, and reverberate back into your mind. Let the emotions your writing evokes inside of you flow freely for a while. This is what Alan Moore means when he says he is a magician. He is harnessing the spiritual energy from speech to channel his ideas.

It took me forever to write my blog posts because I missed this important ingredient. I kept thinking about how I can write something others would want to hear. I research a lot of forums. I read a lot of books. I wanted to write something that was absent of magic. I can copy the ideas of others and mask my intentions. There are plenty of content creators and influencers who do this efficiently. That’s not art though. Art needs magic to exist. Once I started writing the content I needed to hear it was easy. My passion, fueled by purpose, rushed through my veins once again forcing my pen to the paper. It was an energy I could not stop. If you are a writer like me who has been scratching your head trying to find the answers then take a moment to say your words out loud first. Let the intentions of each word ring through your ears so you can feel them flow through you.

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