Watch the weather change

These words are used as a slogan on my profiles and the blog itself. The phrase has many meanings, and I chose it because of its multifaceted interpretations I have.

I originally heard this phrase in my favorite song triage by Tool. You can find the song here. Although the lyrics aren’t explicitly stated Tool has a way to speak to the unconscious mind. The name Tool itself came from acknowledging that their music is intended to be used as a means to explore consciousness. When I try to interpret the phrase I originally thought of a stoic meditation. I imagined Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree watching the weather change as he reaches his different stages of enlightenment. I imagine Buddha reaching the final epiphany of impermanence as he realized that the world goes through repeating cycles.

But then… I started this blog. My intent for this blog is a much similar task. I wish to ascend the collective unconscious of the working class. This blog in a way is meant to be a Tool for the reader to leverage in their own personal enlightenment. A tool to be used as the reader rides the spiral upwards.

My first couple blog ideas were a mix of spiritual and political. I like the overlapping dynamic between different social studies. I own a trading company that uses the Brownian Motion Model of the markets in its research. The Brownian Motion process, or Weiner process, was not originally intended to be used in the markets, but rather to explain the horizontal movements of a particle as its pulled vertically down from gravity. Two unrelated paths of study converging to a singular model.

So my when I started to brainstorm topics I was looking at writing a piece over Bill Ayers. I haven’t finished this piece yet so for those who are unfamiliar he was the leader of an anti-fascist activist group The Weathermen. I’m sure you already see where I’m going with this. The name came from a Bob Dylan song. The lyrics are “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” This phrase encapsulated perfectly the grassroots efforts that The Weathermen we’re based in. You don’t have to be a weathermen to know it’s raining. You can feel it. Your experiences in this political climate are real and valid even if you lack the proper terms to describe your disposition.

The other interpretation I had thought of is the study of conflict theory. In Marx’s conflict theory exists two main groups within a society. The ruling class, and the working class. This is a bare bones class analysis, and lacks intersectionality, but is an ongoing conversation among intellectuals. It provides a framework for discussion. The discussion primarily surrounding the idea that the solution to the conflicts between the working class and the ruling class was revolution, and how do we achieve such a revolution. I believe climate change depleting land and resources are going to a catalyst to the inevitable revolution.

As land and resources diminish it created tension. How do we ensure a revolution to solve the conflicts Marx discussed? Watch the weather change. Let tension build up so the class conflict becomes unavoidable. You can’t create a strong enough PR marketing campaign to hide the destruction.

When you see the phrase “Watch the weather change” don’t analyse the meaning from a singular perspective. Take time to really fall into the rabbit hole. Seriously there are so many inadvertent references from the Cold War “Theres a cold wind blowing” referring to Russia’s winter wind blowing throughout Europe to the Scorpions Winds of Change referring to liberalism sweeping through Europe in the 80’s. There are many references to a winds of change. Jung talked of collective unconscious archetypes, and I believe this is one of them. An emergent apparatus of consciousness formed by the common experience of weather.

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